Whiskey Foxtrot, a burgeoning Americana/Rock ‘n Roll band from Winston-Salem, NC, have been forging their own path since their formation in 2017 by Seth Williams and Sam Foster. Williams and Foster provide songwriting, lead vocals, and guitar duties to the powerhouse rhythm section of Brad Cardille (bass/backing vocals) and Jacob Kuhn (drums.)  The band averages 150-200 shows a year, expanding from their initial southeastern U.S. fan base to include audiences across the globe. They’ve shared the stage with national acts such as The Steel Woods, Tennessee Jet, Ward Davis, The Way Down Wanderers, John Howie Jr. & the Rosewood Bluff, Sunny Sweeney, Caleb Caudle, and Justin Wells,


In 2019 the band released “Acoustic Live 2017,” a compilation of live duo performances by Williams and Foster. Soon after they released their debut studio album “Hard Lines & Headlights” in early 2020. Produced and engineered by Benjy Johnson at Earthtones Recording Studio, this first offering from Whiskey Foxtrot is a culmination of their love for the music traditions that they are steeped in. From country to blues to rock to soul and R&B, “Hard Lines & Headlights” is a powerhouse debut that flexes the muscles of all of the band’s influences. To put it short - there’s something for everyone.


After a lineup change shortly after the release of “Hard Lines & Headlights,” the group found a burst of creative energy that came with new bandmates. Exploring new sonic territory and new lyrical content.

"If Whiskey Foxtrot sound distinctly Southern, with the drawl and twang of Williams' and Foster's singing, there's also a fair amount of classic-rock riffage to bring to mind artists like Tom Petty and Stone Temple Pilots." - John Adamian, YES! Weekly.​

"...walking a line many prominent bands such as Blackberry Smoke and Whiskey Myers toe with their music. Capable of sets that both excite a crowd and involve some story-telling, listening room allure, the diversity Whiskey Foxtrot displays is quite impressive..." - Red Dirt NC.

“The mix of alt-country, heartland rock guitars, and lap steel really makes this band tick. In a lot of ways, Whiskey Foxtrot reminds me of American Aquarium meets Tom Petty, with some Southern Rock mixed in for good measure.” – Logan DeBerry, Oak City Drifters

“Whiskey Foxtrot blends together well on this debut album, with the drums and bass laying down a beautiful groove throughout. Lap Steel is ever present accenting the songs, taking leads, but never overpowering and the songs take center stage all while allowing each member to shine when necessary.” - Jonathan Oost, TJ Music Magazine