March 22, 2021

This is a post we never thought we'd have to make. Sometimes on the journey you come to a split in the path. Folks have creative differences, and it comes a time to go separate ways. It breaks our heart to let you know that Whiskey Foxtrot will be splitting up.

We've made some great music together, and had even better times between us and you all out on the road these last 4 years. We've played hundreds of shows. We released our debut album that we still remain proud of. We wouldn't have been able to do any of this if not for the love and support you've given us. No matter what happens down the road; we're thankful for you.

That all being said, we still have a handful of shows remaining on the books. Check the events page on the website for the list.

Stay tuned for what other shenanigans everyone will be getting into.

  • Seth Williams - Facebook: @sethwilliamsmusicpage / IG: @sethwilliamsmusic

  • Sam Foster - Facebook/IG/Twitter: @samfosternc

  • Brad Cardille - Facebook: @bradcardillemusic

  • Jacob Kuhn - IG: @kuhnonthedrums / @thesungodmusic

The music isn't over. As the cliche goes; it's just the close of one chapter and opening a new one. Thank you for everything. Be safe. Be good to each other. We love you.

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